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‘MI’ tribe believes that decorating like a tree is valuable,  but why is SIIMI trying to remove all the leaves?  A game where you can think of what you have felt for granted so far  Start your journey to find the ‘true-self’ with SIIMI

Challenging but Fun Puzzles : Use items to get rid of leaves and decipher the code through mini-games. Fairy-tale Style of Art  : The warm colored maps and cute characters immerse you in the Mi-world. Lyrical Music : The soft melody of piano and string instruments calms your mind.

SIIMI's production team, 'GOINDOL' consists of 2 content designers and 2 art designers. (Haen-nim/ Story, Content designer Cham-soju / Sound, Content designer Hong-ha / Animation, Graphic designer Kim-puppy/ UI/UX, Graphic designer)